Frequently Asked Questions About Tinker Camp
  1. Where is Tinker Camp being held?
    Tinker Camp is held at many locations throughout the city. Watch this website or sign up for our email list to get more information.
  2. Can I sign my child up for all sessions?
    Of course.
  3. Can I sign up just for half day?
    No. We do not offer half day sessions.
  4. Do you have scholarships or discounts?
    Yes! If you qualify for the free or reduced lunch program or if you have recently become unemployed then we will provide you assistance with the tuition. We do not want the cost of the camp to be a stumbling block. We do not have a formal process, so if you need assistance, all you need to do is ask. Typically, we help 6 to 8 families each year.
  5. Will the Tinker Camp be providing lunch?
    No. All camp attendees must bring a lunch. Providing meals to tinkers is very difficult and expensive, so instead of charging more for the camp, we are asking you to provide lunch. There is access to a fridge to keep a lunch cold, but we don't have a microwave. Tinker Camp is pretty active, so keeping the energy up is important. We will offer a light, wholesome snack and time to eat it, but tinkers are allowed to eat he food they brought at any time -- provided that rules of cleanliness are followed, of course.
  6. Can I volunteer at Tinker Camp?
    Yes! Of course! We think that it benefits every child to observe adults trying, learning and -- perhaps most importantly -- failing. This parallel work greatly enhances the child's experience, and can encourage him or her to tinker outside of the camp.
  7. I have a garage full of good tinker stuff, do you want it?
    Bring it on! The kinds of things we are looking for are motors, copper wire, tubes or hoses, nuts, bolts, screws and so on. We also need tools like hand saws, coping saws, files, planes, wrenches, pliers, and so on. Junk laser printers are gold, but we don't need stuff, like monitors, that would just just require us to run to the recycler.
  8. What is the teacher to tinker ratio?
    We thought a lot about this when we designed the camp. We wanted an adult to kid ratio that was less than most classrooms and camps, so we decided on 10 or fewer students per adult.
  9. What about aftercare?
    As of 2015, we are no longer offering aftercare or early drop off.
  10. Can my tinker bring home his/her project?
    Yes, of course. We encourage it! Our favorite thing is when a parent tells us that their tinker has built something at home, and sending her or him home with a project can get those juices flowing. However, we do ask that your tinker leave projects at camp until the last day. There might be a chance that we will be using some electronics that are expensive, so there might be a few bits and bobs like that which have to stay with the camp for next year.
  11. Will the tinkers make a presentation at the end of camp?
    Yes. The last bit of the last day of camp will be set aside for the kids to show their parents what they have accomplished. So plan to come to pick them up a little early so you can celebrate just how clever they are.