Tinker Enrich®;

Add tinkering to your event.

The Tinker Camp Enrich program provides a variety of tinkering and making experiences for children and adults. These 2-3 hour hands-on experiences reveal the joy and possibilities of tinkering. We provide the materials and expertise and you provide the space. Are you a library looking for weekend or after school programing? Are you a school that is holding a maker night in your community? Choose from one of our Tinker Enrich programs and we'll bring it to you.


Frankenanimals: Create your very own Franken-animal or creature by taking apart stuffed animals and then mashing them back together with found materials, LED lights and batteries, and even salvaged animatronics using needle, thread, and hot glue. Maybe creepy, maybe gorgeous, you’ll come away with an epic companion of your own design.

Paper Circuitry: Combine paper, cardboard, copper tape, LED lights and batteries and you have the makings of amazing interactive paper art. Make origami birds with glowing eyes, make interactive greeting cards that turn on and off when you open them, and make beautiful glowing paper collages. At the same time you'll learn a little something about electrical circuitry.

Digital Costume Creation: Every hero or heroine needs a great costume. Create your very own costume out of unexpected materials like plastic, cardboard, wire, felt, LED lights, switches and even electric buzzers. Come prepared with your imagination and a tinkering spirit and leave with a hat, mask or arm band that you can use on your next adventure.

Spectacular Arcade: Imagine, design and create your one of a kind arcade game using cardboard, reclaimed materials, and electronic components such as LED lights and motors.

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