Our narrative-based open tinkering training events build better collaboration, stronger design-thinking and a more personal relationship with strategic goals.

Over our ten years of service to children and families we have learned that adults can use a tune-up and tightening of the essential mindsets, like tenacity. We use a unique technique of combining open tinkering with a narrative in order to create immersive learning experiences that enables creative courage and out-of-the-box thinking.

How Tinker Camp Works

The Story is Important.
We think that all good designs come from a story, and when we think of satisfying the needs of customers, we tend to name that need in terms of a story. Even in the practice of "Scrum," sprint goals begin their life as a story. We link our practice to story as well. We propose a narrative, then present design challenges, provide opportunities for team self-assignment, open doors to assume leadership roles and encourage finding out-of-the box and creative solutions.

The Materials Matter:
We create a material-rich environment for our training. We set up, sometimes, a hundred or more separate items and skill centers. Depending on the narrative, we set up sewing stations, a soldering bench and many, many bins, boxes and baskets of materials from which to build. Almost all of these items will be familiar to the attendee, but the narrative often requires that they use them in different, perhaps unusual, ways.

Fun is Where the Heart is:
All these things combine to create an extremely fun and exciting way of looking at design, collaboration and problem-solving. Participants will come away more confident, better prepared and with a bunch of new tools in their professional toolbox.

Key Offerings

Training and retreats for professionals
Ask Tinker Camp to work with your HR department to provide in-house, off-site or even retreat training sessions. Our programs can be adjusted to meet your needs, from a three hour program to a design challenge that can span days.

Professional development for educators
Our camps also acts as a laboratory and we create professional development trainings so we can share the success of our program with you.