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Tinker Camp/PPS Inservice
This is a Portland Public School inservice day, so our doors will be open for tinkering.
AT: Tinker Central, Tinker Camp, 6635 N Baltimore Ave, Portland, OR 97203, USA
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What our community members say about Tinker Camp

Angela: "We’re grateful for all the love and enthusiasm you’ve put into this wonderful project and to have a safe place for the kids."

Brian: "Thank you so much for reaching out, [my kids] have been having a blast!"

Mariah: "[My son] absolutely loves Tinker, and is already asking when he can go again."

Jessica: "We're so grateful you're in our community!! This is an amazing camp and group of caring individuals."

Kari: "Tinker Camp was a way for my daughter (8) to be creative. She was able to be free to make whatever her mind could imagine, and the teachers at the camp taught her the skills she needed to build her creation. She wanted to go back every day!"

Catlin: "They were eager to show us the culmination of the theme, and talked about the things they were working on - which also almost never happens. So as far as I'm concerned, you're basically miracle workers!"

Franny: "Accessible and affordable but very fun learning activities for our kid! Thank you so much!"