Tinker Camp Partners with Catlin Gabel for 2019

2019 presents us with very a special opportunity to work with Catlin Gabel school. This affords us great access to resources for broader camp offerings. This also means that Catlin will process all our registrations, saving us a ton of time and money.

Week 1: June 24-28
Intergalactic Mayflower:
Imagine if it was your responsibility to save humanity. We will be doing just that by creating a spacecraft capable of carrying a select crew into the furthest reaches of space. Using motors, tape, lights and anything in our mad collection of materials and tools we will undertake a number of tinkering challenges designed to get us all into space. On the last day of camp we will have a showcase and all are invited watch the liftoff and tour your ship and living spaces.

Week 3: July 8-12
The Cities in Your Future:
Calling all engineers, builders, entrepreneurs and civic-leaders. Help your community and design a city of the future. Use your engineering skills, creativity and knowledge about the place you live to plan, build and 'tinker' the kind of city you want to see in the future - and all to scale. Light the streets, create public and residential zones, designate eco-spaces, prepare for natural disasters and build all the places you need to help your community thrive. At the showcase, on last afternoon of camp, all are invited to tour your city and you can show the world your innovations.

Week 4: July 15-19
The Carnival!!
Everyone loves a carnival, with its unusual characters, entertainment and challenging games. At Tinker Camp we will put on a carnival that you design, build and run. Want to give a shot at creating the next generation game? What to write, star and direct your own show? Have you ever dreamed of making an automaton? Then join us for a week of carnival fun! On the last afternoon of camp the doors will open and all are welcome to enjoy your creations! Come one, Come all!

Week 5: July 22-26
Experience Flight History
First came the French with their hot air balloons, the great airships of Germany, and then Orville and Wilbur Wright. Then came Sputnik, Gemini and Apollo. Each day of this Tinker Camp will explore one of these grand eras in the history of flight. And even put a modern spin on it. If you dream of soaring in the clouds, this is your chance to build and fly five different vehicles from the epoch of human flight. The final showcase of the summer will be on the last afternoon where we will launch rockets!

If you have questions or concerns please contact us.