Covid-19 Response and Programs

The year 2020 has certainly changed how we manage every aspect of our lives and Tinker Camp is no exception. We have seen our own challenges too. We couldn't operate our camps because Portland Parks closed all their facilities, Multnomah County libraries closed which cancelled all our out reach activities, and we suffered a big loss in the theft of our van and tools.

The response to our troubles has been overwhelming. We have raised almost $10,000 to get our program up and running. Special thanks to Don Rea, The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Chris Gauger of Here We Go Again and Lee Leighton! We are ready to rumble.

So we are rolling out two major initiatives. The first is available now, and the second is soon to be released.

Tinker Pods

Tinker Pods is designed for families who are sharing the duties of schooling their children while schools are closed. We offer STEM content for the educational pods from a single day program to a week-long adventure. Click here for more details.

Tinker Online -- coming in 2021

Tinker Online is a smart phone app that will allow your child, under your supervision, to create STEM projects and share them with other kids. Imagine a book where each chapter ends in a STEM challenge related to the story. That is what Tinker Online is, only ONLINE!

Driven by a story of a brother and sister team of adventurers who get caught up in a secret govenment time travel program. New adventures are delivered to your phone and kids can then help our heroes with a challenge. The app will also help you find the tools and supplies you need so your kids can be successful.