Tinker Pods

Tinker Pods delivers educational events to kids and families who cannot attend school due to the pandemic. Drawing on our experience working with children for almost a dozen years, we deliver maker-based STEM education experiences that dovetail with your homeschooling efforts.

Tinker Camp's method brings materials and tools to a location where your pod meets where we will introduce a story. This narrative-based practice engages your child at a deep level, integrating play into the serious work of engineering, science, math and technology.
  Tinker Pods in a nutshell
  • Maker experiences for kids grades 3 and up
  • Ideal for pod groups from 2 to 8 kids
  • COVID safety precautions followed
  • All materials and tools supplied will undergo safety procedures between sessions
  • Several different session options to fit your exact educational needs
    • Five-day sessions are ideal for expanded collaborations and design iterations
    • One-day sessions are ideal for breaking up the week with some fun activity and for younger tinkerers
  • Pricing based on length of session and number of participants (minimum 2)
  • We will customize a program for your needs
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Engineering Civics Science
Mathematics Technology Fine Motor Skills
Language Arts        
Kids will use simple materials like cardboard and have access to tools and materials to make this all possible. Everything they build they get to take home. At the end of the session, we'll have a brief showcase to present our projects to each other and parents.

Cities in Your Future  (10 hour total)


This is a five-day session taking place each day for two hours.

Kids will work together to imagine a city of their future, designed to be exactly what they want and need.  Discussions about city planning, architecture, commercial and residential zones, civic and public agencies, natural resources, and more will be part of the experience.  


Mars Explorers  (10 Hours Total)

This is a five-day session taking place each day for two hours

With so many teams heading to space these days, there is now a big demand for us earthlings to design and build things the space explorers may need on the job.  Can you construct the perfect helmet?  What about a Space Suit?  What kind of communication tools are needed?  What about the living quarters on the red planet?  Anything you think of - build it!  


Open Tinkering to a Unit  (10 Hours Total)

This is a five-day session taking place each day for two hours

This is an opportunity to let kids tinker to a particular lesson or unit.  While we can’t match the curriculum, we do want to provide kids the opportunity to tinker to what they are learning. This is a session that will be designed by need based on the learning pod.  Tinker Camp will bring all the usual amazing materials and tools and be on hand two hours a day for five days.  It’s exciting to see what will come of this!  


Mini Worlds  (3 Hours Total)

This is a one-day three-hour session

Imagine a tiny world of your own design! This session is all about getting small and building a very tiny environment to suit yourself or maybe a collaborator or two! It's all in the details with this fun tinkering experience that provides lots of tools to manually build and tons of tiny embellishments!


Franken Animals and Their Natural Habitats (3 hours total)

This is a one-day three-hour session

This is one of Tinker Camp's most popular sessions!  Kids are provided with a selection of stuffed animals that they can literally take apart and then reimagine a new kind of animal by reengineering with tools like hot glue guns and hand sewing supplies. Plenty of embellishments will be on hand as well.  Then, kids are welcome to spend some time creating a habitat for their animal - made of natural materials or constructed from cardboard.  At the end of the session, we'll have a brief showcase to present our creations to each other and parents

Paper Circuits with Origami and More!  (3 hours total)

This is a one-day three-hour session

Kids love to make things light up - and this session is designed to introduce kids to basic circuits using copper tape, LEDs, and 3V batteries. With a little creativity or just good old tinkering, there is much to be discovered! For kids already familiar with circuits, there will be plenty of materials to use in designing and constructing more advanced circuit play.

10 Hours (over 5 days) Includes outdoor cover $460
3 hours (single event)   $150
Set up/clean up Waived w/volunteer help $40
Per hour (3 hour minimum)   $50
Set up Requirements:
  • Ideally, open outdoor covered space. We will be open to all alternatives based on safety for every kid and instructor.
  • Access for Instructor to a restroom
  • Secure premise for the five-day sessions as Tinker Camp will leave materials onsite.
  • Access to the site for a half-hour to one hour load in - depending on the session selected.
  • Access to site for a half-hour to one-hour breakdown - depending on the session selected.

Tinker Camp instructors may cancel any event for safety and health reasons completely at their discretion. We cannot put any of our staff at risk, and they may stop a session at any time if strict heath guidelines are not being followed.

Health and Safety
  • All participants and volunteer adults will be required to wear masks. Instructors will offer help and guidance on appropriate use of masks, but there will be no exceptions.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available, and children will be encouraged to use it often.
  • Tools and supplies will be quarantined after the end of each class.
  • No child may attend who has presented with fever, cough, or other covid-19 symptoms and may not attend if someone they live with has presented with covid-19 symptoms.
  • Parents are required to inform instructors of any exposure to covid-19 or if a child has presented symptoms.
  • The instructor, at his/her discretion, may remove an adult or child from the activity, or cancel the remainder of the activity if he/she doesn't feel that safety guidelines are not being followed.