The 2015 Tinker Camps.

The 2015 Tinker Camps.
Week 1, July 6-10, 2015 Week 2, July 13-17, 2015
Characters & Costumes:

What if you could become a superhero, a super spy or a magical fairy with a costume to match? During a week of Tinker Camp you will get to create your own character and create a suit or costume to match. Does your super hero have a utility belt with a collection of gadgets? Does your super spy have high tech gear built into her pockets and sleeves for stealth? Does your fairy have movable wings and twinkling lights? Our tinkering studio, filled with fabrics, sewing machines, LED lights and a whole collection of tools and materials will be your work space.

The Carnival:

Everyone loves a carnival. There are exhilarating rides, unusual characters and animals and challenging games. At Tinker Camp we will put on a carnival that you will design, build and run. Want to give a shot to creating your very own dunk tank? Want to invent mini-carnival rides from used toys? Want to make your very own unique stuffed franken-animals with glowing eyes? Have you ever dreamed of making hand cranked mechanical toys? Then join us for a week of carnival fun. You’ll also get a chance to try out juggling, tight-rope and stilt walking, and you’ll participate in a variety of theatrical and artistic experiences all based on the fascinating world of The Carnival. Come one, Come all!

Week 3, July 20-24, 2015 Week 4, July 27 – 31, 2015
Interstellar Mayflower: (reboot)

Imagine if it was your responsibility to save humanity. We will be doing just that by creating a spacecraft capable of carrying a select crew into the furthest reaches of space. Using motors, tape, lights and anything in our mad collection of materials and tools we will undertake a number of tinkering challenges designed to get us all into space.

Balloons and Rockets and Planes, Oh my!:
(for our middle school tinkers)

We have had flight-based themes before at Tinker Camp, but nothing like this. For our older tinkers, we are going to take flight to another level. The sky’s the limit in this intensive session where we integrate motors into airplanes, fire solid fuel and compressed air rockets, and even launch and track a data-collecting balloon.

Tinker Sports Episode One

You wake up to find yourself in a damp, stinky dungeon. You appear to be free to roam around, but the only exit is blocked by a very dumb, extremely tough, gigantic troll named Frederick der Stickelmuchenvernussenhoff. You can’t fight ol’ Freddy, but you just might be able to distract him long enough to escape. Using things you find around the house, can you create a device that a rather stupid troll might get distracted by — an automatic bell, a drawing robot, or even a fun toy — to give you the time to slip out through the dungeon’s heavy door.

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